Tombstone Tuesday – Muhammad Ayaz Malik and Wendy Leigh

The Geneabloggers website has some interesting daily themes for bloggers to write about in their own blogs. If you don’t know what Tombstone Tuesday is, then click here for an explanation. Although I have no tombstone pictures of my own, here’s my contribution:

I came across this picture of a Muslim tombstone on Flickr. It was taken by Hammad Mian at Indianapolis in Indiana so thanks to him for letting me share it with you.

‘[Arabic script] To God we belong and unto Him is our return. (Qur’an 2.156)

Muhammad Ayaz 1957 Wendy Leigh 1962′

I wonder who they were. The man has a Muslim name and there is a verse from the Quran on the headstone. How would you go about learning more about these people?

What do you think? Leave me a comment.



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4 responses to “Tombstone Tuesday – Muhammad Ayaz Malik and Wendy Leigh

  1. I really admire all the forms of Arabic calligraphy. Last year one of my Gr.6 students from Oman was showing us examples of script from her studies of the Koran and we were all quite impressed.Stone workers must find it difficult to recreate the script in such a hard material.Evelyn in Montreal

  2. Yes they really are beautiful.

  3. kristine

    In regards to who they are: Ayaz and Wendy are still living. This particular stone is a double sided stone. The opposite side is for Muhammed Iqbal and Attiya Malik (my nani and nana). Attiya is the only one who has passed at this point. She was a truly amazing woman and an inspiration to everyone she met. She is truly missed.

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