Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Randall Style

I’ve been reading Randall Seaver’s
blog for some time now but never participated in his weekly fun games but this week I thought I’d give it a go. (Yes, I do realise it’s Monday not Saturday :p)

The task was to find the geographical distribution of your surname by visiting which shows you a map with colours that reflect the high or low frequency of a particular surname. I typed in my surname and clicked on United Kingdom and my region – it came up with these results:

(a snapshot of the webpage)

Top countries:

United Kingdom

Top regions:

Yorkshire and Humberside, United Kingdom
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Oslo, Norway
North West, United Kingdom
South East, United Kingdom

Top cities:

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Bradford, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
London E1, South East, United Kingdom
Manchester, North West, United Kingdom
Wakefield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Top forenames:


Interestingly, there were no female names in the top 5. Men rule, eh?


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