Census this year?

I’ve been following news of when the Pakistan Census would take place and have written about it in previous posts. See ‘Census and Yr2051’ and ‘Pakistan National Census’.

It had been planned to be taken in 2009 and then postponed to the end of 2009.. which seems to be a list of delays.

Now, The Dawn reports that the census will (hopefully) be taking place in April 2010:

“Chairing the meeting of first task force on census, Mr Khizar Hayat Khan said that in the first phase house listing operation would be held in April 2010, whereas in the second phase population census would be carried in October 2010.”

Across the border, news of a census taking place in India have also been reported:

“India began a yearlong census of its billion-plus population Thursday in which it plans to photograph and fingerprints every citizen over the age of 15 to create a national database and then issue its first national identity cards.”

And if you’re wondering when the UK will hold its census, you have one more year to wait..


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