Armistice Day

Today we remember those who lost their lives in World War I and II. I’m relisting the names of soldiers that were mentioned in a BBC programme last year called Muslim Tommies:

Amir Khan – 129th Baluchis, France 1915
Subedar Muhammed Agia – 57th Rifles, May 1915
Havildar Abdul Rahman – 59th Rifles, France 1915
Juma Khan – 40th Pathans, France 1915
Sepoy Abdul Ghani – 125th Napier’s Rifles, France 1915
Naubet Khan – 107th Pioneers, France 1915
Mohamed Ali Bey – 20th Deccan Horses, France 1915
Abdul Jabar Khan, Sep 1917
Mahomed Mazafar Khan – 19th Lancers, France, Oct 1917
Jemadar Shamsher Ali Khan – 34th Poona Horse, France, April 1917
Dafadar Fazi Khan – 19th Lancers, France Oct 1916
Havildar Ghufran Khan – 129th Baluchis, Aug 1915
Abdul Ali Khan – 6th Cavalry, France Aug 1917
Rajwali Khan – Brighton, Sep 1915 (at hospital)
Raja Khan – 38th CIH, France Oct 1917
Jemadar Hasan Shah – Hodson’s Horse, France 1916
Kesu Shah – Rouen, May 1916
Rahimdad Khan – 19th Lancers, France, May 1916
Fateh Ullah – June 1916

Someone, somewhere will have known these men…



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2 responses to “Armistice Day

  1. I found your blog on Thomas MacIntee's list for Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day. It is amazing to read about Pakastani genealogy and I will recommend your blog to my friends with roots in your part of the world! Thanks for sharing a list of names for Veteran's Day, as we call it here in the USA.

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