Urdu word of the month – Post 9

Remember the ‘Urdu word of the week‘ theme? Well, I’m re-introducing it into my regular posts as I feel it’s a valuable educational posting that will boost overall readers grasp of Urdu. There will be a slight change though as I will be posting monthly rather than weekly as I previously did. So, it will be posted every 4th Sunday of each month. This is because I felt it was too much work to keep up and on hindsight it’s too much to ask for everyone to learn a new word every week!

Here’s to sweet beginnings..

to lodge; to abide; to dwell; to be colonised or inhabited
اس نے آپنا گھر بسا لیا ہے
‘us ne apna ghar basa liya hai’
he/she has settled into his/her house

Please feel free to provide any feedback for this theme. You can even introduce your own Urdu words or even make up sentences with the above word and blog about them on your own blog. Remember to post your links.

Or email me if you’re shy: pakistani_g[at]hotmail.co.uk

The next Urdu post will be on the 24th April, hopefully.


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