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One year on (14)

An unknown paramilitary soldier
was killed in Djabori
on 23rd June 2010

Burial: Unknown

Hazrat Nabi
was killed in Lower Dir
on 5th July 2010

Burial: Unknown


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Urdu word of the month – Post 12

Again for this week’s Urdu word, I’m asking you guys to make up a sentence rather than me providing one as I’m not familiar with the word (yes, I’m learning too).

confusion; dispersion; disorder

Please feel free to provide any feedback for this theme. You can even introduce your own Urdu words or even make up sentences with the above word and blog about them on your own blog. Remember to post your links.

Or email me if you’re shy: pakistani_g[at]

The next Urdu post will be on the 17th July.

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Remembering our shaheed .. 19

Funerals take place in Upper Dir for Pakistani forces killed in clashes with Islamist militants. Photograph: Rohullah Shakir.

I’m posting more announcements of our shaheed (martyred) who are fighting for our country, our people and our freedom.

Sunday May 22nd 2011

‘Armed militants stormed into a naval airbase here on Sunday night, destroyed three aircraft and killed at least five people — four navy personnel and a foreigner whose nationality could not be ascertained.’ (Dawn)

Thursday June 2nd 2011

‘Islamist militants believed to have come from Afghanistan have fought a second day of battles with Pakistani security forces..

The fighting began when militants crossed into Pakistan on Wednesday. By Thursday evening, 25 soldiers, 35 militants and three civilians had died in fighting, according to the regional police chief, Ghulam Mohammed.’ (Guardian)

Thursday June 9th 2011

Eight soldiers and 12 militants killed at security checkpoint in Waziristan, according to intelligence officials’ (Guardian)

Note: I can only provide you with names if I find them in the news articles I browse. If you think something needs correcting, please do leave me a message. I try my best.

We should all pray for these men and their families and recognise their courage and sacrifice for their country.

Are you related to a soldier? Do you have memories of a loved one dying in a war? Do you have a message for the soldiers fighting? Leave me a comment.

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Restoring Old Photographs and Documents

Have you got some old photographs that are in need of some TLC? Here’s a website that may be able to help:


“We make people look good in photographs, and restore old, torn, damaged photos. We guarantee you will like your photo, or you pay nothing.”

Sounds good doesn’t it? I’ve actually seen the restoration examples on the website and I must say they are pretty good. However, in regards with prices, they appear to charge depending on what type of work that needs doing and don’t include any idea of what that may be.

So, has anyone tried this service?

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One year on (13)

Six soldiers
were killed in an area near Afghanistan
on 9th June 2010

Burials: Unknown

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