Why More Pakistanis Should Be Using ‘Find A Grave’

Here is an online resource that should be on everyone’s list:

Find A Grave is a website that helps genealogists locate their ancestor’s graves. The above shows an example of a memorial and includes information such as death date and details about the person’s life as well as the burial location. It has been added by myself (a volunteer) and can be viewed by anyone who visits the site.

Find A Grave, therefore, acts as a genealogy research tool as it holds some cemetery records that might not otherwise be available.

I’ve heard about a ‘request a photo’ button on the website but haven’t actually seen one. If anyone could point it out to me that would be great. (yes, I can be dim sometimes -.-) Apparently, this is a way for researchers to ask a volunteer to take a picture of a grave stone/marker.

You can even search for specific burial locations for example, Pakistan and England. Unfortunately, Pakistan is only listed as having 21 records on the site whereas England has 4,104.

So, go forth all Pakistanis and explore this amazing website and perhaps even contribute!


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