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Hello world!

Welcome to the new styling of My Pakistani Ancestry!

I’m happy to announce a new trendier version of the blog. Please bear with me whilst I make a few changes and get some new inspiration to jump start my blogging.

Also, if you were unaware of my Twitter page and a new Facebook Page.

Coming up next time..

How to obtain those pesky certificates


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Happy Blogiversary MPA

It is 3 years to the day I started this blog.

Wow. Who knew it would last this long? I’m actually quite aware of the fact that it’s been a tough journey trying to write these posts (enjoyable as it has been).

Today, as I write this post using Blogger on my mobile, I’m reminded of how things have changed over the past year. I now spend less time than I used to writing about genealogy, about ‘Remembering our shaheed’, about sad events in Pakistan in general. My work life has taken over so I rarely have moments to devote to writing or researching but whenever the genealogy bug takes over I’m usually seen staying up late just to find that extra bit of info or trying hopelessly to write a blog post that people will want to read.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and those who left comments. 🙂

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