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Free genealogy stuff!

A quick post to tell you about..

Here is a website link especially for those starting out as new genealogists who want to get some free family tree stuff such as charts and work sheets.

Click here.

If you haven’t visited this site before, please spend some time looking through the various freebies – then bookmark or favorite them and use them!

Do you know of any other free genealogy stuff that can be found? Tell me! I am currently on the lookout for other good shares for new genealogists, but I still might miss something.


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Finding birth, marriage and death certificates

In the UK..

How would you go about looking for facts and dates about your ancestor’s lives? What resources would you use? If you’re searching for records, where do you look?

One way is to to search for birth, marriage and death certificates just to name a few. claims to have all the records you’ll need to find out information including certificates from 1837 to 18 months prior to the present date. You need the following information for a birth certificate: District Name,  Volume Number,  Page Number, Month of registration.

Click here for the link.

This means you need to search the Birth/Marriage/Death (BMD) indexes before you can order the certificate. These can be found at free BMD and search my past.

Alternatively, check out to obtain certificates for £7 apparently which are cheaper than

In Pakistan..

Some questions to ask:

Can a person go to the local union council and obtain a birth, marriage or death certificate for another person?
Can a person obtain via mail (from the Pakistan government) a birth, marriage or death certificate for another person?

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