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Back up your data with Mozy?

It seems this blog gets abandoned every few months, with life passing by and all that it involves making me forget about posting. It is nice to get back to it and I’m sure this blog is still being read as I receive comments on blog posts once every blue moon. I guess that’s what brought me back. There are people still out there who are searching the internet for more information about their Pakistani ancestry. I can’t promise my return will be permanent but I can say that I will be posting…

As it’s 1st of March, I will be backing up (some of) my data in accordance to geneabloggers ‘Data Backup Day’. I can’t say I am very good at this but atleast I’m trying. The importance of having your data secured is only fully known when something tragic happens and you lose large amounts of information.

Personally, I haven’t backed up my genealogy software data in a long time so this is a top priority. Currently, I am using Legacy 7.4 and will be backing up all information which includes 322 individuals and 90 families. Scanning old family photographs is one of those things that I intend to but haven’t got round to doing. I still haven’t bought a scanner for starters which many would say is a must for genealogists. Although, I do console myself that atleast I have protected my original photographs in some shape or form and that they are not cluttered in a mess somewhere. Also, there are birth, marriage, death certificates that need to be scanned and placed in archival containers. Additionally, I have a Word document that I need to backup as it contains lots of the data that exists in my database.

This brings me to Mozy, an online back up site. Having not tried it, I’m unable to comment on it’s good features or advantages but it’s another option to think about.

Let’s hope my computer stays alive..



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Data Backup Day – Mobiles

The 1st of every month has been nominated as Data Backup Day at Geneabloggers and rightly so. As genealogists we all need to take care of all that data we collect whether it’s in genealogy databases, documents, scans or whatever because you never know when some incident puts your research back to square one.

Recently I mentioned I took a trip to Pakistan where I managed to make some progress with finding out more about my relatives. Well, I had been taking notes of details such as dates and names using a pen and paper but soon found I didn’t have time to scribble it all down so I resorted to making short notes on my mobile which had a handy tool for doing exactly that. This was all going well until my mobile decided to succumb to overheating (I think!) and fall dead. I thought OK, maybe it’s not so bad, maybe all I need is a new battery to get it working again. So I returned to the UK with the hope that my mobile would be fine with a new battery. Cut to a few weeks later, and I find out that even with a battery that works fine in a similar mobile, my mobile is definitely dead. Yes, I had lost the data on my phone along with non-genealogy stuff.

What I learnt:

* Technology, as amazing as it is, can fail.
* Using a pen and paper isn’t so bad afterall.
* I need a new mobile (anyone want to gift me one?)

So all you genealogists out there, remember to back up your data wherever it is!

Note to self: Back up your genealogy database as you haven’t done so since ages.

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