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What does your name mean?

If you’re Pakistani, you’re most likely to have an Arabic name and as such there will be a meaning too. Most would have been given their names by parents or uncles or aunts or grandparents. Sometimes even having hidden reasons or stories behind the name being used. Muslims are given names with good meanings behind them in order to provide a good influence on their life.

My full name means ‘beautiful morning’.

If you’re unsure of what your name means you can look it up on this Muslim names website, here. Or, if you don’t have an Arabic name then you can choose your very own Arabic name by using the first initial of your first name and surname. For example, ‘Thomas Jones’ might become Tahir (meaning pure, clean, chaste, modest) Jalil (meaning great, revered).

So, go ahead and try it!


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Yesterday I received an email from telling me that their free groups service will be ending soon. As I have a Basic (free) group on , I was really disappointed. I had come to love and really appreciate my site which I had put a lot of effort into. Not mentioning the other family members that had joined in order to share pictures, events of their lives and basically bringing us together via the internet. We would often laugh and joke about what each other had uploaded to the site. It was our thing and the grown ups didn’t know about it. (Yes, I still include myself in the kids category!) I was even about to invite more relatives from Pakistan but alas, I won’t be doing that.
Here is what the email said:

Important service changes to Effective July 1, 2010 We will be discontinuing support for Basic (free) groups as of July 1, 2010. In order for you and your members to have uninterrupted access to your group(s) after July 1, you or anyone in your group will need to upgrade it to an Essentials subscription plan. After July 1, if your group is not upgraded, it will not be deleted and you can still upgrade at any time. However, if you decide you are not going to upgrade, please download or copy any content you wish to retain before that date. $20 off your first year Essentials upgrade – offer starts today! We understand change like this isn’t easy, so as a special offer to all our current members, like you, we are offering a first-year subscription rate of $9.95 per group. That’s a discount of $20 or over 65% off the regular price of $29.95. The Essentials plan gives you the same great features you know and love plus:

  • No ads on your group
  • Each member can upload 1GB per month (10x more than your Basic group)
  • Complete theme library
  • Customize your group features and theme
  • Personalized URL

Click here to upgrade your family group(s) now to the Essentials subscription for only $9.95 for the first year. Thank you, and we hope that you continue to stay connected with family and friends on – The Team

To be fair, they’re not leaving us – they’re just asking for money. How much? $9.95 per group for the first year, then they hike it up to $29.95. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check out the website. I wanna know where I can complain about it or sign a petition. So if anyone knows, please do tell. So what’s next? Well, I’m hoping that they will allow previous free groups to continue unless they are inactive for 6 months, which seems fair. Otherwise I shall have to look elsewhere..

So who has a family group at Anyone bothered about paying up?

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Social Networking and Genealogy

I’ve been on Facebook for about 2 years now having only joined on a friend request from a friend. It seems the whole world has been taken over by Facebook fever that doesn’t seem to be stopping or slowing down. So if you can find long lost ‘friends’ from your past on Facebook surely you can find long lost relatives. I guess that’s the concept behind genealogists or family historians using social networking sites as a tool for their research. Keeping in touch with family from Pakistan or overseas can be made easy via Facebook. You’ll find many groups that have been created solely for the purpose of keeping in touch with family members from all over the world. Some are primarily focused on creating a group especially for popular surnames such as ‘Mir‘, ‘Bukhari‘, ‘Minhas‘, ‘Malik‘, ‘Khan‘ etc. Some even merging two surnames under one group for instance, ‘Butt and Dar‘ and ‘Baig and Mirza‘. The numbers are growing for each of the groups as more and more people want to declare their surname as most popular and ‘cool’.

My own group called ‘My Pakistani Ancestry‘ is specifically for people who have an interest in researching their family history. The discussion board and the ‘Wall’ are great for interacting with like-minded people where you can share information with each other. I’m hoping more Facebook members will join the group in order to share and promote our heritage to the world.

Additionally there are now a rising number of Facebook applications that have been created with genealogists in mind. Some examples include, ‘My Heritage‘, ‘We’re Related‘ and ‘Family Tree‘. Most of these applications allow you to build a family tree by connecting you to Facebook ‘friends’ that may be possible relatives. So do check these out!

What have your experiences been of using social networking sites?

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