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What does your name mean?

If you’re Pakistani, you’re most likely to have an Arabic name and as such there will be a meaning too. Most would have been given their names by parents or uncles or aunts or grandparents. Sometimes even having hidden reasons or stories behind the name being used. Muslims are given names with good meanings behind them in order to provide a good influence on their life.

My full name means ‘beautiful morning’.

If you’re unsure of what your name means you can look it up on this Muslim names website, here. Or, if you don’t have an Arabic name then you can choose your very own Arabic name by using the first initial of your first name and surname. For example, ‘Thomas Jones’ might become Tahir (meaning pure, clean, chaste, modest) Jalil (meaning great, revered).

So, go ahead and try it!


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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Randall Style

I’ve been reading Randall Seaver’s
blog for some time now but never participated in his weekly fun games but this week I thought I’d give it a go. (Yes, I do realise it’s Monday not Saturday :p)

The task was to find the geographical distribution of your surname by visiting which shows you a map with colours that reflect the high or low frequency of a particular surname. I typed in my surname and clicked on United Kingdom and my region – it came up with these results:

(a snapshot of the webpage)

Top countries:

United Kingdom

Top regions:

Yorkshire and Humberside, United Kingdom
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Oslo, Norway
North West, United Kingdom
South East, United Kingdom

Top cities:

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Bradford, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
London E1, South East, United Kingdom
Manchester, North West, United Kingdom
Wakefield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Top forenames:


Interestingly, there were no female names in the top 5. Men rule, eh?

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