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Restoring Old Photographs and Documents

Have you got some old photographs that are in need of some TLC? Here’s a website that may be able to help:


“We make people look good in photographs, and restore old, torn, damaged photos. We guarantee you will like your photo, or you pay nothing.”

Sounds good doesn’t it? I’ve actually seen the restoration examples on the website and I must say they are pretty good. However, in regards with prices, they appear to charge depending on what type of work that needs doing and don’t include any idea of what that may be.

So, has anyone tried this service?


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Genoom genealogy

Genoom is a genealogy network based on the Facebook model that allows you to create a family tree and a private network. It allows you to invite family members to add to your growing tree with information such as names, dates, stories etc. Other features include the ability to use discussion forums, calendars, private messaging etc to keep in contact with family members.

I like the clear, crisp interface of this website and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their family history work accessible to others in their family.

Go check it out if you haven’t seen it and tell me what you think. Do you think anything needs changing?


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Family Tree Website

So you have the makings of a family tree with you, your parents and grandparents and it’s all on pieces of paper but you’re looking to share it with others and present it an easy format. Now all you need is somewhere to display it which brings me to a great website thats FREE: . You can build your tree with ease and update it with photos, dates, events and use features that allow you to make reports and charts.

To start a family tree, click ‘Register’ and you will be taken to a page where you will need to fill in details such as your name, country and email address as well as a website ID that will become part of your website address. Choose the ID carefully as you will not be able to change this later! Click ‘Signup now’ and you should be on your way.

You can limit who can view your website by changing the settings on ‘privacy’ so that guests may only see certain information.

I created my family tree 3 years ago and have been happy with the site, however the site is pretty basic with less features than say In the following posts I’ll be telling you about other popular websites where you can not only display family trees but also share information with other researchers.

Have you got a family tree that you want to share with others? Can you suggest a better website than Tribalpages? Please leave a comment.

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